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27 Going on 70

In December 2009 Ray Elbe and I went up to Las Vegas to compete at a Grappler’s Quest.  I had the bright idea of going for a flying Arm Bar right away in my first match.  Being a no-gi competition my opponent proceded to through me on the ground.  My back hasn’t been the same since. […]

I’ve got my Gold on

Today at the 2011 Arizona State Championships I won the Brown Belt Heavyweight division (207lbs).  Only having one other in my bracket I had one match to gold.  I ended up securing an arm bar about four minutes in.  The arm bar was set up by an omaplata when my opponent, Sal Flores from BJJ […]

AZ State Championships

Today starts the 2011 AZ State BJJ Championships.  Good luck to the Siege MMA/Lotus Club kids and Blue Belt who compete today.  The school is sending some tough Blue Belts to compete today.  I would like to see an Absolute champion by the end of the day.  Tomorrow is Purple, Brown, and Black Belts, I […]

Back to the daily grind

I had a great time in Colorado but it was nice to be back in the gym today.  There is no better way to start my day than a little training, we had a good morning class.  Andrew Brittin lead the guys through some good Jiu Jitsu flow drills, followed by some rolling.  After the long week […]

Wedding Bells

Had a great time at my friends Nick and Amy’s wedding.  Time to get back and get a good week of training in for the AZ State Championships.