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When Jiu Jitsu doesn’t work

Went out and shot the assault rifle with my buddy Blake today.  It was a good time unloading some rounds.  Blake is a long time friend and was getting real close to his blue belt before he moved back to Colorado.  Now a police officer, without a mustache, he makes others respect his author-it-ti.

Denim Drew

Who says denim is no longer in?  My mom and I took the bikes up the mountain tonight.  We got to see some great views.  It’s amazing how much runoff there is right now, the road was flooded at one point.  We saw a bridge wiped out and the creek was tearing away the banks […]

Livin with the parents

Well at least for eight days.  It is great time to be in Colorado, I could feel the difference in temperatures as soon as I got off the plane.  Looking forward to the next week of chillin with family and friends in the beautiful mountains of CO.  Thanks Peezy for the hat.

They Don’t have that in Thailand

I had such a good time in Thailand that it has been a little hard getting used to life back in the U.S.  I find myself missing the ocean views, outdoor training, crazy night life, and the overall pace of life in Thailand. One thing that I missed a lot while in Thailand were American […]

World Champion

Congradulations to Gabe Kirk World Champion.  Gabe won his first gold medal at the  World BJJ Championships in Long Beach,CA today.  An amazing accomplishment for a such a humble good kid.  Gabe put a smile on anyone who trains with him’s face today, many dream of a World Championship and few actually get it.  Siege […]