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Beef Cake

I started competing at the heavy division (207 lbs) when I returned from Thailand.  My teammate, Lotus Club Brown Belt Jesus Artesi, competes at the medium heavy (194.5 lbs) so I moved up in weight.  So I have been competing at the higher weight but have yet to weigh in close to the maximum.  The weights […]

Got those purps

Today was a great day spending the day with my Lotus Club teammates in Sedona.  Big Congrats to John McCarthy on earning his purple belt.  Also Joe Schmitt receiving a well deserved blue belt.  Excited to see their games progress with the new responsibilities of the new belts.

Friday nite.

Thangs are getting hectic

GI Justin

Had one of my students from Thailand stop in and train with me today.  Justin Governale trained with me for about 5 months while teaching at Tiger Muay Thai.  I am glad he took a detour on his trip to California to train today. Apart from the great training in Thailand I got to meet […]

New belts

We did the kids promotion today at Siege MMA.  It is always fun to watch kids get rewarded for their hard work and dedication.  We have a lot of new yellow and orange belts at the school.  Credit is due to the kids instructors Chip and Gabe Kirk, they do a great job with the […]