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Hulk vs. Mr T

  When I was about six years old Mr. T and Hulk Hogan were the business.  My older brother Travis and I decided I would be Mr. T and him Hulk in an epic battle.  The place we chose to have this epic battle was a small hallway in the trailer that we lived in.  It started […]

PHX Open

Just got the video from the 2011 Phoenix International Open.  This was my first tournament competing back in the States as a Brown Belt. 

Congrats Giva

Congrats to my instructer Giva Santana on his first round victory last night at Tachi Palace fight 10.  Giva made short work of former WEC Champion Doug Marshall.  Giva improves his record to an impressive 16-1.   Ossssss

State Championship

Finally Got the Video from this past AZ State Championships.  Not real thrilled about getting swept from deep half in the match, but at least I got the dub.

Welcome home

It was great to be back at Siege MMA today.  With all the new mat space, 3000 square foot on the Jiu Jitsu side, Siege has established itself as one of the best gyms around.