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Lilleigh Anne Marie Souther

Congrats to my friends/ roommates Erik and Ashleigh on the birth of their beautiful baby girl Lilleigh born yesterday the 28th.  Got to go visit and hold her this morning. It is about time to buy her a GI, future Black Belt world champ.


Siege MMA has added more no GI classes.  The classes are running Tuesday and Thursday nights at 7:45.  Come do GI class and then take it off and continue training.  Ossss


Saturday Siege MMA hosted it’s third grappling tournament.  The first two were strictly an in-house tournamnet and went well.  This one we invited over seven schools, thank you to Grace Fighting Systems, Eastwest BJJ, and The Lab for sending competitors.  Their were a lot of really great matches and highlights throughout the day.  The tournament […]

Cheap shot for Cheap shot

It was great to get together with the team to watch an OK night of fights.  There were about 20 of us that met up at Native New Yorker to watch the UFC and Mayweather vs. Ortiz fight.  If you missed the fight and have it recorded read no further.  The fight ends with a […]

Southwest Classic

Southwest Classic is one of the larger Arizona tournaments of the year.   I am ready to compete.  I have been training six or seven days a week since the AZ State Championships, sometimes it is hard to stay motivated to train that much.  Now with a tournament in site it is easy to want to go […]