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Enomoto bros

  Great training this morning at Siege MMA with Yasubey and Felipe Enomoto.  While in Thailand both brothers were my next door neighbor at different points in my trip.  So when I saw that Yasubey was fighting in M-1 Global’s show in Phoenix Friday night I hit him up.  They were happy to come get […]

Another Arm for the TV Stand

Congratulations to Giva “the Arm Collector” Santana for improving his record to 17-1 with his first round armbar over Darryl Cobb.  Bellator 53 was Giva’s first fight in the organization, with a talented group at 185 I can’t wait for his encore. His last two fights have both ended in the first two minutes of the […]

Abu Dhabi

The ADCC (Abu Dhabi Combat Club) Submission Wrestling World Championships is the biggest of its kind.  The tournament happens once a year and brings together some of the best fighters, grapplers and bjj players in world.  It is one of the only grappling (no striking) tournament to have payouts that you could be lived off […]

Back to School

One good thing about Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is that the game is constantly evolving.  If you do not keep up on all the newest techniques and names for the techniques it is easy to get left behind.  There have been several times that I have had students ask me about a guard or position and […]