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The Frye Guy

Last night I went and checked out a new MMA show in Phoenix, Duel for Domination.  Siege MMA won two out of two fights in the show, including Joe Riggs 55 second tko in the main event.   They had MMA Legend Don Frye interviewing the fighters after the fights.  I had a chance to grab a quick […]


This week I have been spending some time with my original instructor Ray Elbe.  Elbe, head MMA Instructor of Tiger Muay Thai, started my Jiu Jitsu career with a painful private.  I will always be thankful to him for getting me started in this sport that has taken over much of my life.  He invited […]

Jits for breakfast

I decided to take the kitchen table out of my dining room and replace it with mats.  It is funny how Jiu Jitsu just starts taking over your life.

7 Wonders

What a weekend it was.  Seven of my Lotus Club Family and I went and hiked the Grand Canyon.  I have lived in Arizona for the past seven years and had yet to visit the Grand Canyon.  Logan, John, Will, Claudio, Me, Leslie, Teca, and Jesus (in order on the pic above) decided to hike down […]

R U down with Downie

A big congratulations to Sean Downie who was promoted to Purple Belt Tuesday night.  Sean’s Jiu Jitsu speaks for itself and it is a well deserved promotion.   Lotus Club AZ at Siege MMA continues to produce great grapplers and the team gets better everyday.  Looking forward to watching Sean take the next step as he […]