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My Grandma would beat up your Grandma

I have been teaching at Sunflower Resort since October.  Sunflower Resort is a seasonal community, where people come from all around the U.S. and Canada to live in sunny Arizona during the winter months.  I teach four to six classes there a week including Circuit Training, Cardio Kickboxing, and Self Defense.  This morning was my […]

Tebow Time

After missing last years NFL Playoffs being in Thailand, it was great watching my Broncos pull off the win over the Steelers in overtime.  Johnny, Leslie, Teri and I had some great food for a great game. 

Inspiring story

Some of my Lotus Club teammates have posted this story already but thought it was a inspiration for all.  As an Instructor a person with a positive go getter atmosphere is a great person to have in class.  Jiu Jitsu training is important to have a good learning atmosphere that everyone is working towards a […]

L Trip

I had a blast into my past getting to hang out with the guys off my college basketball team.  RayRay, Moo and KP were all down to Arizona visiting for the weekend so we hit up some bars and caught up.  We all played ball for Laramie County Community College (L-trip) over seven years ago, how time […]