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California Dreaming

Had to come down and check out the beach seems how were in California.  An overcast night but still good to see the ocean, makes me miss Thailand.  Leslie, Ray, Jo and I are about to hit up Sharkeez for some dinner and drinks.

Purple Pans

Today was another fun day at Pan Ams.  We had to two purple belts competing from Siege MMA.  After getting lost on the way to the venue we walked in to catch Little Big John McCarthy in his first match.  He picked up an early ankle pick takedown and stayed on top to win 2-0.  […]

Pan Am Champ

Congratulations to Siege MMA’s Kellend Brookover who is bringing home a Gold Medal.  Kellend had four matches on his way to being the Pan Am Champion.  He finished with three submissions and didn’t surrender one point.  There was a point in the second match that he reinjured his knee, but he was able to fight […]

Rules Rules and More Rules

I am now officially certified in the BJJ rules training course provided by CBJJ & IBJJF for 2012.  Megaton Dias hosted the training course in Scottsdale, it startedat 10am and lasted til 5:30 pm.  It was a very long day but I gained a wealth of knowledge.  There were around 30 people and 10 Black […]

What up cuz?

My Uncle Ken and cousin Steve were out from Cali for March Madness.  The Phoenix games had the night off last night so we got together to watch spring training.  The San Diego Padres play their spring training 10 minutes from my house.  We watched the first two innings and then stood outside and watch […]