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Ray Elbe BJJ Seminar

Ray Elbe taught a good seminar today at Siege MMA.  He went over  open guard techniques in NoGi.  We went over some different triangle, arm bars, and omaplata set ups.  I picked up some good details in the seminar.  Ray is out here for another week and will be in Siege this week if you […]


I got to go check out my first pro hockey game last night thanks to Johnnie Moses.  I have been to the Arena for fights before but a first for hockey.  It was a great time besides the Phoenix Coyotes beat the Colorado Avalanche 3-2.  I’m a Colorado boy so I was cheering for […]

A Magical Seminar

This Saturday at Siege MMA in Peoria, AZ, BJJ Black Belt and head instructor of Tiger Muay Thai in Thailand, is coming to do a NoGi seminar.  “Magical” Ray Elbe received his Black Belt from Brazilian Top Team Black Belt Juliono Prado two years ago.  He is the person responsible for bringing me into my […]

Where’s the beef?

There was 40 of us from Siege at Beef o Bradys watching Giva Santana fight tonight.  Giva lost a close decision to Bruno Santos in the Bellator Middle Weight Tournament.  The fight spend most of the time on the feet and Giva was unable to finish in the short times it hit the ground.  Although […]

Collect Another Arm

Friday night Giva “The Arm Collector” Santana is putting his 17-1 record on the line in the first round of the Bellator middle weight tournament.  Giva will be taking on a very game opponent in 12-0 Bruno Santos.  Santos also reins from Brazil, I’m excited to watch these black belts collide.  You can catch this fight […]