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Fitness Boot Camp

  One week from today the next fitness boot camp starts at Siege MMA.  This is a great way to get in shape and is offered to people with all different fitness levels.  This is a great alternative to going to the gym and trying to get in shape by yourself.  The classes will vary […]

Jericho James

Congratulations to my cousins Steve and Amanda Ingold on the birth of their baby boy  Jericho James, on Wednesday.  Family trips with all my cousins, aunts and uncles, and Grandparents every couple years continues to grow.  Right now I am the young generation when it comes to the fierce basketball, football, wiffle ball and whatever other game we can find […]

Broseph Gribble

Early Saturday morning Christian Castillo won a silver medal at Kids World BJJ Championships.  Not to be out done older brother Xavier picked up right where his younger bro left off also taking home a Silver medal.  A huge accomplishment for Siege MMA and the Castillo family.  Coaches Gabe Kirk, Tyson Antillon, and John McCarthy, […]

Kids Worlds

Siege MMA sent four kids to this years kids World BJJ Championships in California.  I just received news that Baby Christian Castillo just won a Silver Medal.  Second in the World at his age and weight, congrats to the Castillo Family.  I will do an update when I have the rest of the results.

It’s my birthday

Ok so today isn’t technically my birthday, but it kind of feels like it is.  Today was the first day in over a month that I got to train Jiu Jitsu without my back being in excruciating pain.  This whole past month I have just felt a little down, my moods weren’t great, I constantly […]