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Triangle set up

Fernando “Terere” vs. Jose Roberto – Golden Cup First Open Rio 2004 I had a lot of students ask me about Joe Lauzon’s triangle on Jamie Varner, I couldn’t find the clip.  I did find this clip from Rio when Terere executes a similar triangle set up.  It is also a glimpse into what Jiu […]

Happy Birthday Ricardo

I want to give a big shout to one of my instructors Ricardo Zanelato, Happy Birthday!   Ricardo comes from southern Brazil where he owns his own Lotus Club Academy in the city of Torres.  He oversees two other academies and has over three hundred students in Brazil.  He arrived earlier this month to Siege MMA for […]

Tournament one week away!

I am excited for the tournament at Siege MMA next weekend.  Every tournament we run gets better than the last, don’t miss out on this chance to compete.  Thank you to the sponsors, Vitamin Authority, Double Down Tattoo and Integrity Roofing.

Fight the heat with bbq

Happy Birthday dinner for Sean Downey tonight.  Always good to get together with the team for some food and fun. Oss

R.I.P. Marc Zee

I first started training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Kickboxing in 2005 at Arizona Center of Mixed Martial Arts (ACMMA) in Phoenix, AZ, that is where I met one of my first BJJ Instructors Marc Zee.  After training with Marc for over a year he awarded me my Blue Belt in 2006, I then trained two […]