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I’m Bacccccckk

Last night was my first day back to rolling and I wasn’t in too much pain.  I woke up again to go get some more rolls in this morning, talk about a stress relief.  I instantly felt the built up stress from the last three weeks of not training disintegrate.  I was telling one my […]

Raimi Jaymes

Happy 4th Birthday to my beautiful God Daughter Raimi Jaymes Senecal.  Next year you get your first GI!

MMA in Kuwait

My friend Ray Elbe is getting set to fight MMA for the first time since December 2010.  He was surprised by a late change in the rules that look like this. 1. 15 seconds on the ground. 2. 3 min rounds 3. No head GNP The ground restrictions seem to be a distinct disadvantage to […]

Marcelo Time   Marcelo Garcia vs Shinya Aoki at ADCC 2005 featured an MMA Superstar from Japan in Aoki and one of the best BJJ guys in the world in Marcelo Garcia.  The back take that Marcelo uses is one that I learned in the GI.  In the GI you use the belt to help keep the elbow […]

A Blast from the past

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) has grown so much since Royce Gracie took the world by storm in UFC 1.   The first UFC was held at McNichols Arena in Dever, CO on November 12, 1993.  The days of being a one trick pony are over, now you need to be a true Mixed Martial Artist as the sport has developed […]