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Safe Travels Professor Ricardo

I want to thank Ricardo Zanelato for spending the last 4 months with us here in Arizona.  This was Ricardo’s forth trip to Siege, I have been privileged to train under him as a blue, purple, and now brown belt.  I know that we will train again someday soon whether in Brazil or back in the […]

Arm Collector Back In Action

Giva “The Arm Collector” Santana is back in action this Friday Night at Bellator 82 on MTV2.  Giva is one of the more exciting Jiu Jitsu fighters in MMA always looking for the finish.  Make sure you don’t miss it as he looks to improve on his 17-2 record against Brendan Seguin.

O Snap

O Snap Foto was in attendance on Saturday for the Siege MMA promotions, she took some great photos.  If you have family pictures that need to be taken for the holidays, Leslie at O Snap Foto is running some great specials.  Go check it out

Feeling Blue

Yesterday was an exciting day at Siege MMA with five students being awarded their Blue Belt.  Several others received stripes on their current belts and continue the journey of Jiu Jitsu.  I want to congratulate Bryan Lees, Jason Arnold, Mike Chavez, Jason Gatti, and Scott Bamby as they all exchange their dirty White Belts for […]

Flying Joe

Professor Ricardo had us doing a grip strength game that had Joe Gomez (pictured) and everyone else flying around the gym.  Amazingly no one was injured. lol