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This Guy Took Christmas off too

The past couple weeks the gym has been empty due to Christmas shopping I guess.  I don’t understand how people can say I love to train and then look for any excuse not to.  Don’t be the guy that waits for the New Year to workout, get ahead of the game.

My Poor Conehead

  My poor little Stampy went in this morning and lost his fellas.  I had to put the cone on him because he is a little rascal and is trying to open his wound.  He hasn’t quite got the cone down yet, he just stands in one spot and doesn’t move.  I felt like I […]

New Castle

I feel really lucky and blessed to be raised in this small town in Western Colorado.  A friend of mine, Kelley Cox, took this photo of New Castle, CO and had me missing home.  New Castle had a population of under 5,000 people when I grew up there and I traveled 25 minutes to the […]

Flippin Birds

The UFC hit the mainstream Saturday Night with their show on FOX.  If you were watching the fight card live during the main event you probably noticed the camera taking short breaks in the action.  I was thinking during the show it is probably because Nate Diaz was flipping the bird.  Sure enough look at […]

Congratulations Giva Congratulations to Giva Santana on his win Friday night by knee bar over Brendan Seguin in Bellator.  Giva improves his record to an impressive 18-2.