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What Belt are you?

What belt are you? Me: I am a brown belt. Oh I have a nephew that is a black belt. If you have been training Jiu Jitsu for long enough to get your purple belt you indubitably have had this conversation with someone.  Everyone wants to compare your Jiu Jitsu belt to someone they knows Tung […]

The Carly Stowell Foundation

Siege had a visitor this week Elena Stowell, from James Fosters BJJ in Seatle.  Fosters is a Lotus Club affiliate that boasts several Black Belts and is lead by Giva Santana 2nd Degree Black Belt James Foster.  Elena is a Blue Belt in Jiu Jitsu and is the author of the book Flowing With The […]

Lotus Club turns 24 years old

Lotus Club Brazilian Jiu Jitsu celebrated it’s 24th birthday yesterday, so we (Siege MMA/Lotus Club AZ) took a picture and had a cake to celebrate.  It is important to understand where your instructors came from in Jiu Jitsu and to have respect for those who came before you.  So here is a quick history of […]

Brains over Brawn?

I grew up playing about every sport known to the man so I guess you could call me a “jock” as a kid.  I always thought it was stupid how all ’90s tv shows and movies portrayed jocks as highly unintelligent, for me I got good grades, had a good street smarts , not a […]

Arizona Grand Prix of Jiu Jitsu full results

I’d like to thanks everyone that came and supported the Arizona Grand Prix of Jiu Jitsu this past Saturday.  Here are the complete results from the tournament. White Belt Female Kaitlyn Felix (Siege MMA) Tina Diaz (Siege MMA) Krissy Smith (GFS/Nava) Teens Ray Santa Cruz (GFS/Nava) Dustin Iungerman (GFS/Nava) Phillip Hinkle Jr. (Siege MMA) Light […]