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Fight #1

This is my first match at Pans Ams 2013 in my weight division.  Come back tomorrow for match 2.

Overnight Celebrity

If you have a Facebook account or visit the grappling forums you have probably seen the story of a Black Belt competing at this years Pan Ams as a Brown Belt, it just so happened to be in my division.  I lost in the Semi-final match by an advantage, if I had won that match I […]

Pan Ams Day 4

Robert Maloney kicked off Day 4 with a bang!  Robert Bow and arrowed all his opponents to his second straight gold in Pan Ams blue belt juvenile division.   The blue belt juvenile division is one of the toughest divisions out there that most the competitors have been training since little kids.  Robert went on to […]

Pan Ams Day 3

Pan Ams Day 3 tallied one gold and a silver for Siege/Lotus Club AZ’s two competitors.   I am very proud of my girl Leslie Rials on winning her first Pan Ams Championship.   She fought through tough competition and at the end of the day stood on top of the podium with blue belt girls from […]

Pan Am Champ!

Day 2 of Pan Ams was for the blue and purple belts.  First to take the mat was Tyson Antillon, he got matched up with a guy with his same game.  The match was constant berimbolo and 50/50 guard, when the buzzer went off Tyson came up a little short. Next to take the mat […]