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Metamoris Pro 2

I’m excited for Metamoris 2 Pro Jiu Jitsu event on Sunday June 9th available on pay per view at There is a very entertaining card in place and hopefully they have learned from some of their downfalls of the first event. (Coughs *announcers*)  With better (less bias) announcing and less breaks in the action these events could […]


This past Saturday the NABJJF (North American Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Federation) hosted its first tournament in Arizona.  The Federation has been around several years now and puts on most of its tournaments in California.  It is always nice to go check out new tournaments that are ran well in AZ.  Fellow Brown Belt Instructor Jesus Jose and I ended […]

Fightin’ Around the World

It seems every weekend I am cornering fighters anymore.  Two weeks ago I was in Mesa, last week Oklahoma and this weekend Tempe.  If you are looking for something to do Friday night come check out Siege MMA’s Garland Guay as he fights at UCFC at 1320 E. Broadway Rd. Tempe, AZ.

Thunder buddies

So I am here in Oklahoma for Megan’s fight and I realize that one of my best friends since kindergarten lives in somewhere ib the state.   I decided to shoot him a call, sure enough ol’ Tyler Cloninger lives an hour away.  He made the trip up to see me today, I got to kick […]

Pan Medals

It’s been a couple weeks but we couldn’t get all our medalist from Pan Ams at the gym at one time.  We got 4 out 5 tonight, missing Pan Ams Champ Kellend Brookover.   From left to right Coach Jesus Jose,  Claudio Rios (silver medal), Robert Maloney (gold), Leslie Rials (gold), and me (bronze).  Real proud […]