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The Heat

“A Black Belt is a White Belt that never quit.” This is a popular quote in the Jiu Jitsu Community, and couldn’t be more true.  One of the hardest things about the journey to Black Belt is enduring life as it comes at you, and making sure to find a place for Jiu Jitsu.  I […]

Learning to Appreciate the Rough Days They are bound to happen… Those days that you leave the gym beat up and ready for a nice sob in the shower, last night was one of those days.  It is so frustrating when you get to the gym and feel like you have never trained before, your hips aren’t moving, your guard […]

AZ State Championships

A throwback 2010 State Championships when I was a purple, check out my best competition throw to date at the 4:18 mark. I’m officially signed up to compete at this years AZ State Championships on June 29-30.  I will be competing in the Adult Brown Belt Medium Heavy Division (195lbs), I’m already on weight and […]

Metamoris 2

Sundays are my day off each week…So what I did with my day off is the same thing I do when I am working, go down to the gym and roll.  I had a great day of rolling and really felt all the guard pass drilling all week paid off in my rolls. Yesterday was […]

Shimono Kimonos

Just had a great meeting with my sponsor Shimono Kimonos!   I’m looking forward to their next batch of Gis in the next two weeks.   If you are looking for quality bamboo or hemp GIs look no further.