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A Breath of Fresh Air

I was diagnosed with exercise induced asthma as a kid, luckily it hasn’t affected me much the last 15-20 years with the exception of this week.  I went to bed gasping for air Monday Evening and it got worse after that.  Wednesday evening I probably should have went to the hospital but didn’t want to […]

World Champion

This weekend the BJJ Kids World tournament took place in California. sponsored athletes Xavier and Christian Castillo and a group from my gym, Siege MMA/Lotus Club, were part of the action.  The first day was the GI portion of the tournament, the kids were confident and all of our competitors earned a medal.  A […]


In September 2010 I got the opportunity to travel to Phuket, Thailand to teach Jiu Jitsu at Tiger Muay Thai.  I taught my first class a couple days after arriving in Thailand while trying to adjust to the 14 hour time difference.  The first class was primarily a NoGi class apart from a Blue Belt from […]

Kids Worlds sponsored athletes Xavier and Christian Castillo take off today for Kid’s Worlds in California.  Coaches Jesus, Gabe, and Tyson have been working the kids hard to make sure they are ready.  Good luck to all the kids bring back some hardware.  Earlier this week I talked to the Castillo Bros about Jiu Jitsu and […]

The Arm Collector

I had the privilege of rolling with my Professor, Giva “The Arm Collector” Santana, again when I was out in California for Worlds this year. We did one twenty minute roll that left me with carpal tunnel wrist from tapping so many times. His Jiu Jitsu is so sharp that he killed me with the […]