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Compete and Create Winners

I read something on Facebook this morning from Jiu Jitsu Brown Belt Kevin Scott that said “Everyone wants to be a world champion but nobody wants to train like one.” I have seen this problem reign supreme so much in my ten years of Jiu Jitsu and MMA.  Everyone comes into the gym the first time talking […]


Leslie and I made the trip down to Mesa to visit Dr. Jenni Larson and OSS (Orthopedic & Sports Specialists) today.  I am excited to be working with this great company, not only do they specialize in sports physical therapy but the owner and doctor is a purple belt.  It is really easy to explain […]

Weekend Review

What is a weekend?  Is that the time that you are suppose to rest up and recoup to prepare for another week?  Weekend’s look a lot different for Jiu Jitsu Junkies during tournament season.  This weekend and every weekend coming up through summer has a Jiu Jitsu tournament going on.  They have a way of […]

Lotus Club Anniversary

Today marks the 25th Anniversary of Lotus Club Jiu Jitsu!  Here is a brief history: Founded on February 19th 1989, by brothers Moisés, Elias and Ali in a time when Jiu Jitsu was not as well known as it is today. Lotus Club always maintained its traditions; where quality of life and respect are priorities. […]

The Eminent One

I have had my new Kimono for a couple of weeks now, “The Eminent One” turned out amazing.  I am so excited about the quality, fit and comfort of our new GI.  My two favorite GIs before starting my own GI company were my old school Atama Ultra Light and my two Shoyoroll GIs.  “The […]