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Life Enhancing Pill

So today I am going tell you about this pill that is guaranteed to enhance your life, make you in the best physical shape you have ever been in, increase your confidence and make you make you a better person.  Now I have to tell you it is inevitably not going to be easy to take […]

Happy 33rd Anniversary

I just want to wish my parents a very happy 33rd Anniversary today.  I can’t thank them enough for their guidance and support growing up, they have made me the man I am today. I remember when I was in the sixth grade my parents telling me that they were going to take a trip […]

Jiu Jitsu is Life

Do you remember all those shirts that got popular for awhile, “Football is Life,” Basketball is Life,” or “Golf is life?”  Turns out those shirts are stupid, as would be a shirt that says “Jiu Jitsu is life.”  In reality “life is life” that seems to make the most sense to me, but I do […]

Another Year in the Books In June 2011 I decided to start a blog about my experiences in Jiu Jitsu and give people a peak into the Jiu Jitsu lifestyle.  I just purchased another year, will live on.  I know I have been slacking on blog posts lately but will get back in gear soon.  I have gone against […]

When I Grow Up

I sat outside my trailer talking with my best friend Charlie about what our lives will look like when we were “grown ups.”   I remember my six year old thoughts about what was a given in 20 years: I would be a cowboy, not like a OK Coral gunslinger, but more like a farmer that […]