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After 30 years of virgin skin I finally broke down and got a tattoo.   It was definitely painful as my skin got raw after three or four hours. I am reluctant on getting another one not because of the pain though but the time I am forced to take off training.   No Jits for a […]

Projectile Vomit

Last night was a rare evening for life in Arizona.  For the first time in a long time we go dumped on with lots of rain, lots of wind, too much dust, and some nice thunderstorms.  So naturally I wanted to soak it in, Leslie and I sat outside enjoying the storm.  BANG!  I look […]


As the quote goes “You either win or learn in Jiu Jitsu,” I learned.  There was only two adult Black Belts in this years AZ State Championships, Gerson Atoigue and I.  Gerson is a good friend of mine in the Jiu Jitsu Community, I always look forward to catching up with him at tournaments and watching him compete.  […]