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Jiu Jitsu Problems

On Saturday I went down and rolled with Ultimate Fighter 9 Contestant Santino DeFranco and long time Jiu Jitsu Practioner Curt Howard. The 45 minute quick rolling session was all no-gi (Jiu Jitsu without the GI on). I have been training almost all GI lately and boy did it show. the GI and No-Gi are […]

Ultimate Experience

Last weekend the UFC came to Phoenix for the first time to put on a spectacular show. I was able to take in the whole experience as I cornered performance bonus winner Ian Enty. I met and worked with Ian in 2011 at Tiger Muay Thai in Phuket Thailand. Ian was there training for a […]

So Much More Than A Belt

Today marks the first Anniversary of recieving my BJJ Black Belt along side fellow Lotus Club teammates Jesus Jose and Andrew Brittin. Since receiving my belt it has been another Jiu Jitsu filled year, I have realized more than ever how much more I have to learn. Jiu Jitsu has really slowed down for me […]