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Creating Bums?

I was in a weight lifting gym the other day, not lifting but people watching. I watched as everyone walked around flaunting their pretty muscles, new clothes and new hair style. Everyone looked so sharp as if they were just squeezing in a lift before going out on a date. Later that day I went […]

It Didn’t Stay in Vegas

Well it didn’t stay in Vegas, the medal that is. I had the chance to compete at the IBJJF Las Vegas Open over the weekend. One of the guys in my division was DQ’d leaving me in a two man division for the Masters 1 Medium Heavy Black Belt Division. I wasn’t extremely happy with […]

Stay Thirsty My Friends

I am more thirsty today than I was day one, doesn’t matter how much I drink it keeps getting worse, I’m parched! I’m talking about something that water can’t cure, I’m talking about the thirst for knowledge. I train and teach Jiu Jitsu, but this can be pertinent to anything you are passionate about. The […]

The Unity in Comm’unity

This past weekend the AZ Kids Cup and Copa Bella took place at Phoenix College. One Jiu Jitsu managed to secure the top podium spot on team points for the Kids Cup. It was a pretty awesome accomplishment for us. It’s always fun to see the kids improve every tournament. We had several first time […]