27 Going on 70

In December 2009 Ray Elbe and I went up to Las Vegas to compete at a Grappler’s Quest.  I had the bright idea of going for a flying Arm Bar right away in my first match.  Being a no-gi competition my opponent proceded to through me on the ground.  My back hasn’t been the same since.

This past weekend at the Arizona State Championships I got matchup  against Scott “Big Country” Lissy, thanks for the nick name Will.  Scott is a very nice guy but was not trying to let me tap him in arm bars and triangles.  I applied several through out the match, but Scott being double my weight proceded to stack me up into a little ball until I cried uncle, and let the submission go.

The results to all this is I have been walking around like an old man this week crying to anyone that will listen.  My back shoots pains throughout my whole body anytime I make a sudden move, goes with the sport I guess.  It feels a little better today, which is good because when I don’t get to train I feel bad for everyone around me. 

This is how the flying arm bar is suppose to look.

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