Saturday Siege MMA hosted it’s third grappling tournament.  The first two were strictly an in-house tournamnet and went well.  This one we invited over seven schools, thank you to Grace Fighting Systems, Eastwest BJJ, and The Lab for sending competitors.  Their were a lot of really great matches and highlights throughout the day.  The tournament was white and blue belt only, it is crazy to see the level of Jiu Jitsu grow.  Their was plenty of good Jits on Display Saturday.

A few special shout outs to some of the standouts from Lotus Club BJJ (Siege MMA), Kellend (Thor) took the Heavy and Open Divisions for white belt.  Kellend is a great addition to the team with his wrestling experience combined with his hunger for Jiu Jitsu this kid could be great.  Sean Downie won the blue belt Heavy and Open divisions despite the fact having a beat up body with more injuries than a 70 year old in a car crash.   Johnathan Moses and Scott Bambi had real impressive first tournaments.  Joe Gomez represented for the little man showing tons of skills against all his larger counterparts.   Tyson Antillon through a great flying triangle, now we just need to work on finishing it, none the less very impressive.  I know I left out some but good job to all those who competed.  Osssss

Special thanks to Jesus Artesi, Andrew Brittin, Claudio, J-boy, Chip, Audra, Will, and Daniel Madrid for help during the tournament. 

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