4th Annual Southwest Classic


The 4th Annual Southwest Classic brought out the best in Siege MMA/Lotus Club competitors.  If you looked at the competitor list going into the tournament you would give Siege almost a zero possibility of placing in the top 5 for team points.  Unfazed by the odds stack against us our competitors came out with a chip on their shoulders with one thing in mind, winning.  Siege finished points away from second place in the fourth place position!  We had the blue belt absolute champion and was a ref decision away from for closing out the purple belt absolute division.  I am so proud of our competitors and the work they put in preparing for this competition.  Below is a list of the medals:


  • Christian Castillo
  • Sam Murphy
  • Ian Elizondo 
  • Tyson Antillon
  • Robert Maloney
  • Leslie Rials
  • Tom Jury
  • Tyson Antillon (Absolute)
  • Claudio Rios
  • Logan Jewell
  • Sergio Castillo
  • Jason Gotti


  •  Keli Manglona
  • Lili Urrego
  • Jason Gross (Absolute)
  • Logan Jewell (Absolute)


  • Tom Jury (Absolute)
  • Scott Bamby
  • Jason Gross
  • Leslie Rials (Absolute)

A great weekend for Siege MMA that we can build on!

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