7 Wonders

What a weekend it was.  Seven of my Lotus Club Family and I went and hiked the Grand Canyon.  I have lived in Arizona for the past seven years and had yet to visit the Grand Canyon.  Logan, John, Will, Claudio, Me, Leslie, Teca, and Jesus (in order on the pic above) decided to hike down and camp at the bottom on Saturday.  The hike down was amazing, I have looked at several pictures of the Canyon before, but seeing it in person is unbelievable.  It holds some of the most beautiful panoramic views on this planet.  The canyon is one of the Seven Wonders of the World, and after seeing it I know exactly why.  We made it to the bottom and washed our faces in the Colorado River, then set up camp.  Sunday morning the hike up was challenging, but the thought of “Pizza and Beer” pushed us to the top.  This is a must do, but be in shape I am feeling it today.

This mornings cardio kickboxing class I taught was very challenging.  I can barely walk much less kick.  Thanks Johnnie for organizing the trip on Jesus’ suggestion.  Give me a couple weeks to recover, and we will have to get another adventure planned soon.

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  1. Claudio says:

    Dude, that pic is F’n badass!!! Awesome trip!

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