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I have read several articles over the past few years of why the attrition in Jiu Jitsu is so high. Some of the main reasons people stop training Jiu Jitsu are:
Time Management
Loss of Excitement
Lack of Motivation
Life Events

I feel like Jiu Jitsu is amazing and that everyone should have it in their lives. When I started in 2005 I fell in love with it, I earned my Black Belt a decade later. The fact is though that 99% of people who start Jiu Jitsu will never reach the rank of Black Belt. By examining the reasons why people quit, I am searching for better ways to improve these odds.

Injuries are a common issue in Jiu Jitsu, right now I am dealing with a groin injury, my fingers hurt daily, I do daily physical therapy on my back to keep it working properly, and that is all just this week. Fact is you are going to be injured. More importantly is what are you doing to maintain the excitement, motivation, and learning while you are dealing with injuries. I have witnessed people take off a week for a finger injury and never make it back in. Here are some solutions:

  • Come to class and watch techniques, take notes and analyse the position shown.  Most instructors have no problem with injured students sitting on the sidelines to continue learning.  It shows your dedication and excitement.
  • Watch videos.  This one is different depending on your belt level.  I do not encourage my white belts to watch YouTube instructionals, there is a ton of good ones on YouTube but also some bad ones.  White Belts need more guidance on those selections.  Upper belts can watch instructionals and digest the information being taught.  I encourage all students to watch the top Black Belts in Jiu Jitsu compete.  Go to Youtube and watch the finals matches of the IBJJF Tournaments at the Black Belt Level.
  • Participate in basics classes as your injury heals.  Many schools have basic level classes that do not include rolling, this is a great transition back to training as your recovery progresses.

Lack of excitement and motivation probably means you are doing something wrong.  What are you focusing on during training?  Are you exploring outside your comfort zone in training?  Lack of excitement and motivation can easily be eliminated by taking out the complacency in your game.  Jiu Jitsu is HUGE go find an exciting move or concept, try it until you perfect it, repeat the process.

Life Events and Time Management are two challenges that are guaranteed to occur during your time training.  Whether it be a new girlfriend, Loss of Job, New baby, ect. it is always a challenge to keep Jiu Jitsu on your priority list.  If you want something bad enough and you see all the positive affects Jiu Jitsu has on your life you will figure out how to tweak your schedule to keep it a priority.

Ego and Expectations go hand and hand.  I see all the time people that come into the gym and expect to be good at Jiu Jitsu the first time they do it.  I won’t lie to you, you won’t be good, you will get submitted, you will get frustrated,  and you will get demolished.  Enjoy the journey and improve as a person and Jiu Jitsu player daily and you will get better, you will get submitted less, and you will do some demolishing!

Hope this helps one person stick it out another day.  You pay Jiu Jitsu so much in life, I will guarantee it will pay you back tenfold!

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