A Breath of Fresh Air

I was diagnosed with exercise induced asthma as a kid, luckily it hasn’t affected me much the last 15-20 years with the exception of this week.  I went to bed gasping for air Monday Evening and it got worse after that.  Wednesday evening I probably should have went to the hospital but didn’t want to go and be there all night so I went to bed instead.  Yesterday morning as I prepared to teach Jiu Jitsu, (yes I still was teaching all my classes I have a problem) I felt the need for medical attention and landed myself in urgent care.  I was worried that it might be something other than asthma so went and got X-rays and an EKG that both ended up with good results.  I was able to get an inhaler and some meds to help get me through this time of high temps, humidity and pollution in Phoenix.

I got some light training in this morning, it was a relief to be back rolling, the last two day were very long not being able to breathe.  I had to check out my new Shimono Kimonos GI, it not only looks sick it is very comfortable.  I now have a blue cotton GI, white hemp GI, and a black bamboo GI, a Shimono Kimono for every occasion.

The whole not being able to breathe experience was yet another reminder to appreciate each day you wake up healthy and give God glory ’cause today is a great day.  Have a good Friday and even a better weekend!  Leslie and I leave tomorrow to the Upper Penisula in Michigan to meet up with about 25 of the best family members a person could ask for for a week of fun.  I will post blogs from Michigan to let you see all the shenanigans that are going down.

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