An Eventful Weekend

Weekends are the time that most people relax and recover from a long week of work.  In my career choice they are often busier than the actual week, this past weekend was no exception.  Friday night I ventured out to the far east side of Scottsdale to corner Siege MMA fighter Kamuela Kirk at Bad Boy Fights.  Kamuela brought an impressive 6-0 amateur MMA record into the fight, he was merely :58 Seconds away from improving that record.  His fight started with his opponent rushing him and trying to secure a takedown, Kirk quickly reversed the takedown and threw his opponent to the canvas.  From there Kamuela mounted his opponent and dropped punches down forcing his opponent to turn his back and giving up a rear naked choke.  The fight was for the 145lb Bad Boy Belt so congrats to the champ!  Out of Kirk’s seven amateur fights only one has reach the second round.  I have been working with him since he was a 14 year old orange belt, and am excited to continue to watch his growth as a fighter.  Recently my company Eminence Kimono reach out to Kamuela and offered a GI sponsorship.  It is great to have him representing my company and my gym.  His next fight is December 21st at Duel for Domination which will likely be his last amateur fight before turning pro.

I got home from the fights just past midnight and rushed directly towards the Nyquil, I knew I needed a good nights sleep and hoped to kill the rest of the cold that  I was working on getting over.  A restless night of sleep ended way to short, it was time to get back to the gym and get back to work.  I got to the gym bright an early Saturday morning to work on some physical therapy on my back in hopes to be able to train later in the day.  Luckily with the assistance of my trainer I found some relief and could envision getting some rounds in.  Saturday was set to be a big day, The Roll for the Philippines was set to take place.

Afternoon came quickly and I felt behind on several of the things on the to-do-list but it was too late to worry about it.  Jiu Jitsu practioners from all over the valley and even surrounding states were pouring in the door of Siege MMA to show their support for the roll for the Philippines event.  Fellow instructor Jesus Jose had organized the event to help the relief foundation for the people of the Philippines in this time of need after the recent typhoons.  The event turned out to be an incredible success, it was amazing to see the generousity of the Jiu Jitsu community for a country that most have no ties to.  There were around 90 people that showed up to support the event and around $2000 was raised to send to the Red Cross to aid the Philipino people.

The event was pitched as an open mat but turned into a mini seminar.  Five of the local black belts donated their time and knowledge to share some techniques.  A big thank you to Prof. Paul Nava, Prof. Santino DeFranco, Prof. Jay Pages, Prof. Carlos Farias, and Prof Gerson Atoigue for the techniques shown.  There was a great balance between advanced techniques to basic so that everyone that attended could take something new for their games.  After the mini seminar the open mat provided lots of great rolls.  I rolled with several purple and brown belts that I had not rolled with previously and had the privaledge of rolling with Prof. Paul Nava for the first time.  Nava won both the GI and No-gi World Championships this year in his age division, so it was a great honor to get a chance to mix it up a little.

Eminence Kimono raffled off a Gi with the intention of adding the money to the Red Cross donation.  After Arizona’s own black belt Jay Pages shared that he has many family members in the Philippines and that 50 of his family members are living under one roof, we were able to donate the money from the raffle directly to help his family.  Fortunately all his family is alive and accounted for after the typhoon, unfortunately many others have lost their lives.  It was a great honor to be apart of this event to benefit these people in the time of need.  I know that the money will be only a small part in rebuilding a country so please keep the people of the Philippines in your prayers.

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