Beef Cake

I started competing at the heavy division (207 lbs) when I returned from Thailand.  My teammate, Lotus Club Brown Belt Jesus Artesi, competes at the medium heavy (194.5 lbs) so I moved up in weight.  So I have been competing at the higher weight but have yet to weigh in close to the maximum.  The weights for a Jiu Jitsu Tournament are calculated in the Gi, the most I have weighed in at is 199 lbs.   For the tournament in October I would like to put on some weight so that I can be at a true heavy weights size.

As a result for the need to put on weight I started exploring options to put on some pounds.  One of my training partners put together a supplement package to go along with my already seven day a week workout program.  Go check out his website and I will document my progress throughout the next month.

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