Black Belt

On Sunday night I had the great honor of being promoted to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt by Master Giva Santana.  My long time training partners Jesus Jose and Andrew Brittin were promoted right along side of me.  I am honored to be promoted with these two guys, both are huge pieces to my journey.  I battled with both of them day in, day out, there were times I went home with a smile on my face as I bested one of them in the days rolls.  There were lots of times I went home beat up and frustrated, sitting on the couch trying to figure out to do better the next day.  They always pushed me to be better, thank you guys.  I also I would like to thank my instructors for showing me the way and giving so much invaluable knowledge.  First thanks Giva Santana, every time I am around him my game improves so much.  He has helped me be better both on and off the mats.  I’m excited about continuing to learn from him for many years to come.  Thanks so much to Ricardo Zanelato, Marcelo Coppa, and Rodrigo Sama Candido for the time that you spent as my instructors.  My game is a reflection of yours,  I simply mirror different position of each one of you.  Upon moving to Siege MMA/Lotus Club AZ you all helped me grow so much in Jiu Jitsu.  Also Ray Elbe who introduced me to Jiu Jitsu and was huge part of my beginning in the art.  Also to the Late Marc Zee who was my first Instructor.  Osss

Both Jesus and Andrew have been Instructors with me for over three years now.  With our promotion we were able to award some others new belts.  I am so excited for all those who were promoted.  To Grey Belt Bobby Torres, to Orange Black Yesenya Villafuerte, Andre Roderiquez to Green, to Blue JT Camacho, and new Purple Belts Noah Briggs, Tyson Antillon,  and Brandon Wade.

I think I missed someone, my girlfriend Leslie Rials received her Purple Belt.  So proud of you babe!  A great capper to a year that saw her win both Pan-Ams and Worlds as a blue belt.

My team is amazing, Lotus Club AZ.  Tonight we saw some of us being promoted but everyone on the team plays such a roll in each other success.  See you all on the mats tomorrow, it’s time to get better!

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