Brains Over Brawn

Last year somewhere around this time of year I wrote a blog titled Brawn before Brains.  Here is a short version of the that blog:

On my way to work my motorcycle took a dump and didn’t want to run about a mile away from my house.  Instead of running the mile back to my house to get my car I switched directly into “Jock” mode and proceeded to sprint the five miles left to the retirement community that I teach at.  It was a blog that got some good attention and hopefully put a smile on your face.  Here is the entire blog if you care to look back at it

Fast forward to this past Monday, I was riding my motorcycle to that same job at the retirement community and wouldn’t you know it broke down about a half mile away from my house, it was so frustrating.  I hopped off my bike, helmet in hand, and started running Forrest Gump style.  I was going to make it to class damn it.  After sprinting towards work for about 100 yards it hit me that I have already wrote a blog making fun of myself in this same situation.  I decided to turn around and run back to the house instead.  This time my Fiancée had my car but I figured it would still be faster to ride a bike to work.  The unfortunate part is that I don’t own a bike, but my nine year old soon to be step child, Seth, does.  I was happy to put a smile on any ones face that was traveling on Grand Monday morning.  Here is the image in case you missed it.

Have a good hump day!

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