Brains over Brawn?

I grew up playing about every sport known to the man so I guess you could call me a “jock” as a kid.  I always thought it was stupid how all ’90s tv shows and movies portrayed jocks as highly unintelligent, for me I got good grades, had a good street smarts , not a complete moron…

During the winter time I teach the fitness program at Sunflower Resort, a RV park for snowbird retirees.  I have a blast teaching these 55+ retirees how to weight lift and even kickboxing.  Yesterday was a beautiful morning in Arizona so I decided to hop on the bike to go to my classes.  My motorcycle is a 1990 Honda Shadow and is a little temperamental and needs to be started daily and be plugged in to a battery charger.  I didn’t have the battery charging but I figured I would give it a shot, on my tenth and final try my bike purred.  I had to stop and get gas, after filling my tank the bike wouldn’t start.  I didn’t have time to wait I was already on the verge of being late for class so I started running.  Now picture me running with sweat pants, a heavy coat, motorcycle gloves and carrying a helmet running down the street.  I ran the final 4-5 miles to my class, showing up about a half late drenched with sweat.

So now I look back and realize that my car was about a half mile the other direction at my house… Maybe my jock side took over on that one.

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