Catching Up

I’m still catching up from a long weekend of referring at the NABJJF LA Open.  A big thanks goes out to Paul for giving me ride out and a place to crash, much appreciated.

The 17 hours of reffing over two days was relatively uneventful.  I had one coach really give me the business wishing that I had let his kid’s arm get broken in the submission.  Getting away with only one reaming is getting away pretty much unscathed.

My funny moments of the weekend:  I ref’d a blue belt match that ended on points.  The winner was strutting around as if he just won a world championship, the loser turns to him and says “You are a lot stronger than you look.”  What a compliment, the winner immediately looked rejected upon realizing he must look like a scrawny punk.

My second chuckle moment happened as I ref’d one of my teammates matches.  He was down 4-0 and was on bottom side control, one of our blue belts was coaching him from the sideline.  “Come on _____ you have to move, you are going to lose either way.”  I’m not sure I would be encouraged by that coaching. haha

With last weekends tournament over all my focus shifts to this weekends AZ State Championships.  I signed up to compete as a Black Belt for the first time.  Unfortunately there is no one in my division and only one other Black Belt Adult signed up and he is much lighter.  So I might have one match with my friend Gerson in the open weight is he chooses to take on a match giving up 45 lbs.  I want to be first to brag about my Gold Medal in my division for this upcoming weekend, it was a tough one to earn.

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