Cheap shot for Cheap shot

It was great to get together with the team to watch an OK night of fights.  There were about 20 of us that met up at Native New Yorker to watch the UFC and Mayweather vs. Ortiz fight.  If you missed the fight and have it recorded read no further.  The fight ends with a series of cheap shots.  First it was Ortiz who headbutted Mayweather, Mayweather retaliated with a hook, straight exiting a break that ended the fight.  The fight was alright but every fight right now for Mayweather that is not Manny Pacquiao has me asking one question “Mayweather, why are you running?”

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2 Responses to “Cheap shot for Cheap shot”

  1. Paul Lagasca says:

    Manny is the only one destined to win against Mayweather. Manny will throw over hundret punches per round. Mayweather will dodge 50 of em, but what’s Floyd gonna do with the rest. All the while, if u were disappointed with the outcome of tonights fight.. tune in Nov 12 if you want to see a good war between Pacquiao and Marquez. (Third times a charm). And charm will favour Manny.

  2. Hi there! I got your point but why one should consider sharing this one? =)

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