Creating Bums?

I was in a weight lifting gym the other day, not lifting but people watching. I watched as everyone walked around flaunting their pretty muscles, new clothes and new hair style. Everyone looked so sharp as if they were just squeezing in a lift before going out on a date.

Later that day I went into the Jiu Jitsu gym, everyone had a beat up sandals on, hair unkempt, and tournament shirts on from four years ago. Everyone looked as if they were squeezing a workout in before they laze around the pool for the rest of the day. Made me wonder am I encouraging a group of professionals to turn into bums?

I have personally watched Doctors squeeze in private lessons in between patients, Judges say the courts can wait, computer software people look for jobs with less hours, just a to name a few. Things like making lots of money and keeping up with the Kardashians seem to be less important. Family time, mat time, and chill time become most important. Jiu Jitsu “reorganizes priorities”, sounds much better than creating bums!

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