Day 15

Today is Day 15 of no training due to a knee injury and it  just might be the hardest day yet.  I had my initial consultation with the Ortho surgeon today, I was completely prepared to walk in and have them tell me they won’t know anything until the MRI.  Instead, after some painful jerking of the knee, the doctor announced that I had torn my ACL and after the MRI they would be able to tell what else is damaged.  Holy Crap!

I was pretty convinced that my knee had been healing for the last two weeks, to find out this news is a punch in the gut.  I’m starting to get mentally prepared for what is most likely to come, surgery and six months of rehab.  I’m hoping for better news next Tuesday when the MRI results are in.

I have had a laundry list of injuries; constant back pain, sciatica, slipped discs,  shoulder problems, sprained ankles, broken toes, dislocated fingers, broken ribs, knee sprains, foot fractures, the list goes on.  Fortunately up to this point I have avoided any surgeries and have never takenmore than three weeks off at a time since I started in 2005.  It usually only takes a couple days for me to go stir crazy when I’m not able to train, this should be interesting.

I will keep you all updated, I’m prepared to attack this injury and get back on the mats as soon as possible.  Pray for my wife while I’m not able to train!

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