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Todays tournament at Siege MMA was a big success with nine schools battling it out to be crowned champion of the tournament presented by Drewjitsu.com.  We had competitors from Eastwest MMA, with Black Belt Carlos Farias in the house, Jay Pages Jiu Jitsu with Black Belt Jay Pages attending, Grace Fighting Systems, Abunai MMA, MMA Lab, Power MMA, DeBrazil Tuscon, Blue Collar Fighter, and Siege MMA with Black Belt Ricardo Zanelato.  The team trophy was awarded to Siege MMA/Lotus Club by a land slide.  I want to thank the sponsors Double Down Tattoo, Integrity Roofing, and Vitamin Authority.

The tournament started off with a great super fight between two of Arizonas finest Brown Belts, Gerson Atoigue from Ruff House Jiu Jitsu and Jesus Artesi from Siege MMA/Lotus Club.  With a Japan like silence they put on a great show that had the crowd captivated, I’d like to thank both of them for coming to fight.  I will post the video in a blog tomorrow.

Here is a look at the results:

Super Fight

Jesus Artesi defeats Gerson Atoigue

White Belt Light

  1. Scott Bambi (Siege MMA)
  2. Zuriel Tejada (Siege MMA)
  3. Taylor Crabtree (Siege MMA)

White Belt Medium

  1. Jason Gatti (Siege MMA)
  2. Garland Guay(Siege MMA)
  3. Rylan Echalar (GFS)

White Belt Heavy

  1. Johnny Moses (Siege MMA)
  2. Anthony Pantoja (Siege MMA)
  3. Daniel “Chin hair” Regalago (Siege MMA)

Blue Belt Light

  1. Robert Maloney (Siege MMA)
  2. Tyson Antillon (Siege MMA)
  3. Joe Gomez (Siege MMA)

Blue Belt Heavy

  1. Kellend Brookover (Siege MMA)
  2. Jose Munoz (GFS)
  3. Ryan Burch (MMA Lab)

Blue Belt Open

  1. Jose Munoz (GFS)
  2. Robert Maloney  (Siege MMA)
  3. Damion Feria (Power MMA)

Team Results

  1. Siege MMA
  2. Grace Fight Systems (GFS)
  3. Power MMA/MMA Lab
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