Fight to Win 12

Last Saturday I had the opportunity to compete in my first Professional Jiu Jitsu match at Fight To Win 12 in Scottsdale.  I had a tough super match against Bellator Vet BJJ Black Belt Beau Tribolet, Beau was extremely strong and hard to get anything on.  The match ended up going to refs decision which I won by unanimous victory.  I’m not real happy with my performance and wish I would have opened up my game more.  I feel like I was a victim of over game planning, and learned a valuable lesson.  All week prior to the match I was dealing with some serious back pain, so I planned to play butterfly guard to avoid being stacked and visualized loop choking him for the victory.  I came close on several loop chokes but sometimes sacrificed other opportunities to try the loop choke again.

Tournaments are great for learning!  I personally do not enjoy the nerves going into the tournament.  I feel the extra pressure of having all my students watching me compete, I feel the risk of injury, and I’m not always a huge fan.  That being said I just signed up for the Southwest Classic next weekend and the NABJJF Nationals a week later, I can’t pass up the opportunity for growth.

I want to give a shout out to my team, friends and family for coming out and supporting me at my Fight to Win match.  I think I had the biggest crowd of the event, it made it extra special and I can’t thank everyone enough for the support.  Thanks to Seth Daniels and the rest of the Fight to Win crew.  The event was awesome!  They were organized, focused on the Jiu Jitsu, and paid the fighters with no hassle.  I highly recommend attending their events and if you get a chance to compete, do it, I hope I can again someday.

Thanks to my sponsors E Nois Clothing, OSS Arizona, Performance Glass AZ and Apex Competition team.

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