Find your miniyou

I am excited for tomorrow with a new fitness boot camp starting at Siege MMA.  This will be the second full eight week boot camp that I will be instructing here.  It is really fun to see the transformation of mind and body that these people endure during the gruelling eight weeks and I invite you to be transformed.

I have been around athletics my whole life and have seen the value of exercise in my life as well as others.  The last seven years that I have been around Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Mixed Martail Arts, that number of people that exercise has affected has increased dramatically.  One example is my friend from the UK James Mason.  He runs a blog you should check out that highlights his weight loss journey that he has taken on since moving to Thailand.  I met James while teaching at Tiger Muay Thai in Phuket, Thailand.  When I had arrived in September 2010 James’ journey to loose 100 kg had already begun and it is still going today.  Here is his website, go check it out.

For us Americans James has went from 200kg (441lbs) to 133.9 kg (295lbs) and weight loss of 146lbs.   James decided to change his life, don’t let a chance to change your life pass you by.

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