Frozen Toes, Spats and the Master

I recently started teaching the 8:30 a.m. class at Siege MMA.  After training all summer in the GI in the intense heat of Arizona my body is having a hard time adjusting to the unusually freezing weather of the winter.  When I say freezing I literally mean freezing, we once have hit 32 degrees barely.  I know I shouldn’t be complaining considering  I am from Colorado and they are experiencing an extreme start to their winter.  Looks like lots ninja slippers are in my near future.

I have recently turned into one of those guys who wear spandex pants (spats).  I think I need to buy some guns a big pickup truck and go back to chewing to make up for my loss of manliness that I experienced the first time I threw on the spats.  Never the less I am now a spat advocate and recommend them and a new Eminence Rash Guard to anyone training this winter.

Tonight Team Oyama Fighter Carla Esparza puts her Invicta Belt on the line in Kansas City.  Master Giva Santana will be in the corner, good luck Carla.  From Kansas City Master Giva will be flying to Phoenix for a week at our school.  Giva’s trips are always highly anticipated, he seeps knowledge.   I always learn so much from him on and off the mats and am excited to see what I learn this trip.

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