Go Fund Me

I just want to wish my beautiful bride a happy birthday! She is such an amazing women, wife, mother, daughter, teacher, mentor, and friend, I’m so lucky to have her. We love to travel and someday in the future I think I will buy her a tropical vacation every birthday, right now it’s not real feasible for several reasons but mainly time and money. Maybe I should start a Go Fund Me…

I have witnessed a lot of good that comes from Go Fund Me accounts, like helping others with unforeseen medical bills or death in the family. I have also witnessed some crazy reasons to go fund. I want to buy a Go Kart, Go Fund Me. I want to go to Thailand to train, Go Fund Me. Man I want to go to Thailand to train, the problem is I’m broke and probably so is the person asking for the Go Fund. I want to start my own business with no experience, Go Fund Me, Broke. I want a Pony, Go Fund Me, the list goes on…

On a serious note I have decided to try and figure out a way to qualify for Adult IBJJF Worlds next year. To qualify you must score 50 points in IBJJF Events throughout the year, so qualifying looks like lots of travel, lots of money, lots of hard work, and lots of hardware (medals). It will be a great challenge but definitely will require lots of sacrifice. So guess what I am saying is Go Fund Me, I prefer the traditional way though I will be at the corner of 3rd Street and Van Buren with a fedora, please come drop money in my hat!

P.S. If you have started a bad Go Fund Me I’m only having fun, I can’t hate for trying.

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