Great Weekend

Today  has been a recovery day for me after the long weekend in Palm Springs.  I cornered two fighters, Sean Downie and Kamuela Kirk, in the Up and Comers 14 MMA card at the Agua Caliente Casino.  The casino was a great venue for fights with not a bad seat in the the 2,000 occupant venue.  The first Siege Fighter up was 4-0 Sean Downie, Downie has been away from fighting for over three years.  He put in a tough training camp and made a significant weight cut down to the 170 lb limit.  Sean took on AKA fighter John Gentry that boasted a 1-0 record going into the fight.  Both fighters came out swinging before Sean changed levels to secure a big double leg slam.  Unfortunately the slam re aggravated an already irritated shoulder, Sean could not recover and ended up getting caught in an Armbar.  I’m proud of the effort that Sean put into the fight and hope he is ready to get back to work soon.

Kamuela “The Jawaiian” Kirk was up next in the cage for Siege; when the Hawaiian music stopped you could see the hunger in Kamuela’s eyes.  He came out quick with a nice two punch combo and a huge kick that set the tone for the fight.  Kirk shot in and secured a takedown and ended up falling into a triangle choke out of the transition, all that was left was the tapping.  It only took Kamuela 31 seconds to finish the fight securing the W in his MMA Debut.  I have known Kamuela since he was a 13 year old orange belt, it is exciting to watch him grow into a great talent.

Siege also had Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Blue Belt Tyson Antillon in action over the weekend in California.  Tyson fought off a knee injury to secure another Gold Medal in the NABJJF’s All Americas’ Jiu Jitsu Tournament.  Tyson was in action for two straight weekends in California grabbing two Gold Medals and a Silver, it will be nice to have him back for training this week.

Lotus Club BJJ represented well over in the European Open Championships with Professor Laercio Fernandes earning a Gold Medal.  Laercio is one of the top Jiu Jitsu competitors on the planet, I hope to get some more training in with him this year.  He is a great example of what hard work and hours of drilling Jiu Jitsu will do for someone.

Erica Santana, wife of Professor Giva Santana, won Gold Medals in her division and the open division at the Abu Dhabi trials in San Diego winning herself a trip to Abu Dhabi later this year.

I know I missed some other Lotus Club competitors accomplishments from over the weekend but we definitely had a great one as a team. I am proud and excited to be part of the Lotus Club/Siege MMA team, it is going to be a great year for us.

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