Happy Easter

Hey Happy Easter Everyone!  Spent most the day today recovering from a long weekend of MMA and Jiu Jitsu, I love my job!

Friday night we had four of our fighters fighting at Rage in the Cage at Celebrity Theater, we went 3-1!  Not bad obviously always chasing perfection but were able to see a lot of personal growth in each fighter.  Joe Gomez started training Jiu Jitsu probably five years ago at Siege, he is now a purple belt and last night was his first MMA fight.  I have worked with Joe a lot through the years on his Jiu Jitsu and have always respected his warrior spirit, never backing down to the challenge to compete.  Over the past 5-6 months Joe has been working a lot with the MMA team, we have big digging deep to pull out the Mexican Boxer lying deep within him.  Saturday he was the lead off fighter and didn’t disappoint.  Joe charged at his opponent taking him down effortlessly, passing to mount, threaten subs and overall put a beat down on his opponent for three rounds.  This was just the start of a crazy weekend for Joe Go.

Next up JT took his 0-1 Amateur Record into the cage at a bit higher weight than anticipated.  JT has been working hard to lay off the Guam and Mexican food and has shrank down over 30 lbs.  Saturday night he moved up ten pounds and unfortunately it played a role in the fight.  JT was outsized but definitely not outclassed, he showed lots of improvement over his past fight.  He fell short of the victory but stayed and celebrated the success of his teammates knowing his time is coming soon.

Josh Madrigal was next to fight this was his fourth Ammy fight.  We anticipated a Judo Fighter, the debut opponent surprised us with a Taekwondo style.  I said “surprised” not overwhelmed.  Josh quickly changed his game plan to control the three round fight and improve to 3-1.

Kellend Brookover looked very impressive only needing a round and a half to finish his opponent by RNC.  He looked great all areas of the fight, if he shows the dedication he has a bright future.

You wouldn’t know it by looking at me but I’m an old man.  I have to stretch extensively before and after each workout, I drink at least two cups of coffee each morning and if I’m up past 9:30 I get grouchy.  That being said I got home after midnight and hit the bed hard.

Saturday I had to be at the Grand Canyon State Open put on by the NABJJF at 8am.  I have been refereeing and the NABJJF tournament over the past two years, Saturday marked the first for this year.  I ref’d along side my teammates Jesus Jose and Sean Downie.  It was a long day, I put in nine hours on the mat over the 13 1/2 hours day.  I was only yelled at less than a handful of times so I chalk that up to a good day to be a ref.

When I wasn’t refereeing I was coaching our team.  As a team our adults took 4th Place, not bad for how many people we had competing.  Some highlights from the adults:

  • Logan Jewell taking quadruple gold, I didn’t stutter.  (GI Division, GI Purple Belt Open, No-GI Division, No-GI Open)
  • Joe Gomez winning his purple belt division both GI and No-Gi, and taking third in the No-Gi open.  Yes this is the same Joe Go that fought his Ammy Debut Saturday Night.  At 119 pounds soaking wet Gomez is an animal!
  • Kaitlyn Felix wins her GI division.
  • Tyson Antillon get silver.
  • BIg Rich Simons and Big Rich Flores took the Big the divisions in the White and Blue Heavy respectively.
  • I think Bryan Lees got gold.
  • I’m sure I am missing one or two or was a long day

My friend and fellow Black Belt Instructor Jesus Jose was the first among the three of us promoted in December to compete as a black.  I’m proud of him as he went up a very tough opponent, Renan.  Not sure on the spelling and not sure about his last name but the guy is a stud.  Jesus fought hard and had some good moments in the fight.  The Pan Am Champ Vet proved to be too much but Jesus went out and represented, good job bro.

Our Kids did great too.  The Castillo Bros smashed it both winning double gold!  My soon to be step son Seth took the Jason Gross approach to competing, train twice and you are ready to compete.  Despite the lack of preparation he did great earning his silver medal.  Big Bryce and Dangerous Darby snagged silver medals.

Coaching is not always the most profitable career choice but weekends like this remind me why I do.



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