Hello Monday

Tournament weekends are a lot of fun, come Monday morning another opportunity to train. I’m at the gym right now starting to write this blog before my Monday 9 a.m. class, it’s crazy 24 hours of Jiu Jitsu this weekend and I am still excited about getting better this morning. I think it will be a 10 round Monday Morning.

This past weekend my team De Boa Jiu Jitsu/One Jiu Jitsu went and represented at the Grand Canyon State Championships at Phoenix College. I am extremely proud of the warriors that went out and put their skills to the test, win or lose. We had amazing performances, inspirational performance, and some subpar performances, but one thing is in common everyone on the mat conquered their fear and got to work. Competing is way bigger than wins and losses, it’s about finding out things about yourself, improving and evolving.

Here are a few highlights of many that stick out from the weekend. First the coaching and support that team had the tournament, we rolled deep and it was awesome to see. We were so blessed to have all the coaches out there looking after the team. Thanks Will, Dwayne, Andy, Leslie, Robert, Keli and everyone else that stepped up to coach this weekend, all your hard work does not go without notice.

Big Phil with the “W!” It seems like yesterday that you were telling me that you wouldn’t ever going to compete. Taking steps outside your comfort zone shows a lot about the “why” of your Jiu Jitsu career, proud of you big man.

Many of you know that Blake Barth has been one of my best friends since the sixth grade, it is so awesome to have him apart of the team, enjoying the passion of Jiu Jitsu with us. This weekend he tested himself in a 13 man adult division. I told him to move down in age and put his skills to the test in the adult division. He tore through his bracket winning most by submission on his way to the Gold Medal.

Coaches Keli, Chris B and Andres all competed Sunday morning, true leaders on the team. When looking for a leader you don’t choose the guy riding on the carriage shouting out instructions, you choose the people pulling the carriage. Way to lead from the front guys and congrats on all the Golds!

I want to recognize Coach Leslie, aka my wife. She not only does a phenomenal job with our kid’s and women’s programs, she manages to also work a full time job, a full time mom, an amazing wife, and puts up with me all the time. She does so much behind the scenes for De Boa, not only was she at the tournament organizing and coaching all day both days, she then went home and spent hours working on pictures from the tournament. I couldn’t do it without you babes, love you.

Thanks Sean Peezy, Erik, Yoli, and Jack for coming out and supporting, it meant a lot!

Thanks to Master Giva Santana and Prof. Mo Khayat for leading the One Jiu Jitsu Affiliation and encouraging us to compete and lead from the front. Also shout to my boys Jesus Jose and Claudio Rios for great performances, time to kill each other and get ready for the next one.

On Wednesday the video from my first round loss in the Open Weight Division. I will never run from a loss, and will always embrace the lessons, stay tuned!

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