Hematomas, Naps, and Showers

I competed last weekend at AZ State Championships, I got subbed in a mean calf slicer.  Congrats to Jon Van Buren, he played a great game and was able to put leg in a very peculiar and painful position that crushes the calf and would have eventually damaged the knee if I hadn’t tapped.  Although I am disappointed in my loss and the game that I played it is pretty cool to see the growth of Van Buren, a recently promoted Gustavo Dantes’ Black Belt.  Van Buren started at the same school as me nine’ish years ago.  He was a talented kid then and continues to impress on the local and world scene.  Although I was not his head instructor at my previous school I was an upper belt and took interest in helping him back then.  It is always cool to see people start Jiu Jitsu and stick it out all the way to Black Belt.  It happens so rare.

My leg ballooned up last week despite the great massages I received from my amazing sponsor, Oss Physical Therapy.  I am used to injuries in Jiu Jitsu so I am not one to rush to the doctor every time I get dinged up, so I suffered through four days of pain.  Yesterday I decided to go get checked out to make sure there was a problem with the veins or a blood clot.  I was notified that I had no blood clots in the veins but do have a hematoma (blood clot in the muscle) in the calf muscle.  Unfortunately I had to take the week off of Jiu Jitsu and might require an additional week.

A few things I have noticed with the week off of Jiu Jitsu, it is much harder to take a nap and a shower is a conscious decision.  I am a napper by religion, everyday between 2pm and 4pm I make sure to squeeze in an hour nap.  I bet if you surveyed all Professors who teach as a full time job, %90 would admit to the same nap time.  Without training every morning, just teaching, I found out that my desire to take a nap goes down drastically.  It is pretty sad I miss my naps.

I’m going to admit something a little gross, I didn’t shower Monday.  I am not a filthy human being, I usually shower at least twice a day.  It is in my daily routine to shower directly after training everyday.  I always train at least once a day usually twice, my shower schedule was lost after not training all week.  Luckily for my wife and everyone around me I since made the conscious decision to shower daily, even though not training.

Hope everyone has a good 4th, Picture me Hobblin (2Pac Remix).

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