Holiday Joys and Struggles

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!  I had the pleasure of getting to see my parents which is always nice during the holidays.  They live in Colorado so it is about an 11 hour drive to get to where I grew up.  It is hard to find the time and the people to cover all of my classes to escape for holidays which often makes it difficult to get back to Colorado.  This year my parents drove out to Sedona for the weekend, Leslie and I drove up to meet them at Jose’s Café for a Thanksgiving dinner.  This was the first time that I have eaten at a Mexican restaurant for my turkey meal and I can’t say it is highly recommended, the food wasn’t exceptional but the company was great.  Leslie’s family joined us to make up an entertaining group that made up for the par food.   I feel blessed to be able to spend that time with everyone.

As the meal ran down I recieved a Facebook notification to my phone that Leslie had tagged me in the above photo.  Upon getting on Facebook to check and see what I was being notified about I stumbled upon some troubling news.  R.I.P. Shane Del Rosario, what? No Way?

Shane is a 30 years old UFC Fighter that trains out of our Lotus Club affiliate school in Irvine.  I have met him a small number of times and do not know him that well, but he is apart of my extended training family.  The news hit me hard and instantly put a damper on the high I was experiencing from being around family.  How is it the a 30 years old that has dedicated his life to training deceased?  I spent the rest of the meal reflecting on the fragilety of life and focusing on counting my blessing and all the great things in my life that I often take for granted.  We finished up the meal, said our good byes and made the trip back to Phoenix.

I wake up Friday morning and look for more information on Shane.  I read that he has a rare heart condition and had a cadistrophic cardiac arrest that landed him in the hospital on Tuesday, later to only suffer another while in the hospital.  To my surprise Shane is still alive… His organs had all shut down and had zero brain function, his body tempature was hovering down around 90 degrees and it seemed that the writing was on the wall.  As the day went on his organs began working, his body tempature rose to around normal but still experienced little to no brain activity, clearly he is fighting for his life but needs a maricle.  Please everyone keep him in your prayers, I believe in the power of prayer and hope that his young life can be spaired.

It was back to work Friday morning with a heavy heart.  I went out to the retirement community that I teach fitness at and experienced the joy around the holidays that everyone had.  With that being said I also experienced fear for one of my favorite people at the community.  Patty and Ralph were one of the first couples I met out there when I started three years ago, Patty has had some recent medical struggles as well.  Please keep her in your prayers.  Thanksgiving this year was truly a holiday of joy and struggle, it is sometimes hard to see God’s plan but makes me appreciate all the good in my life.

An already eventful weekend had taken place and it wasn’t even Saturday yet,  Saturday was ready to add to the craziness.  I purchase my second car of my life my senior year of high school, a ’98 Toyota Camry.  Recently after driving the same vehichle for 12 years I sold my car to Leslie’s son Tyson.  Saturday I got to test my negotiation skills at the car lot for the first time ever.  I think I was a tough SOB walking out of my first three negotiations.  The fourth proved to be a charm and I scored at 2012 Cheverolet Captiva that I hope I can drive for the next 15 years.  It is really nice to get a new car after many years of sacrifice driving the same vehicle because of the fact I had no car payment.  It’s safe to say that my weekend was back on a high note.

I get home from a Church group outing Saturday night to find out that Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Brown Belt/ Fast n the Furious star Paul Walker had passed in a fatal car crash.  Let the roller coaster weekend continue.  With so much hardship around these holidays remember to cherish the ones around you and be thankful for the good.  Again I have to go back to prayer for all of those experiencing such tough times around the holidays and hope that they find some peace.  God Bless you all and I hope the rest of your holiday season is amazing.


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